We Are An International
Freight Company

We are an international freight company, established since 2013 especially for sending cargo by air, sea and land. We specialize in the import and export of all kinds of goods; also we bow in container handling within the United States, as well as the handling of shipments to and from any point of Dominican Republic and anywhere in the world.

Let us look at your logistics needs to find ways to move your freight more efficiently, more conveniently, with fewer soft costs and disruptions. Our elegant, high-value solutions are leading more and more world-class companies to make us their logistics partner of choice.

Our mission is to facilitate the introduction and storage of goods, serving as intermediaries between the state and businesses by providing the necessary logistics for the optimization of resources in the process of import and export of goods.

We are highly experienced in the warehousing, distribution, and logistical services for the Export and Import. Our meticulous approach to your export requirements ensures our customers of a reliable, supportable performance beyond your stated requirements.